Ways to Buy Gold

Ways to Buy Gold

Really Buy Gold

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There are many ways to buy gold. Owning physical gold is usually the safest and most conservative. My favorite is the US American Eagle. Eagles are recognized world-wide. I don’t mind paying a small premium over generic stuff for them because the purity is guaranteed by the US government. Gold bars are a little cheaper and they come in all kinds of sizes, 1 oz, 10 oz, 100 oz and more. You will not save much buying just a 1 oz bar, but 100 oz gold sell with very low premium. You can also buy and own physical though a vault service. These companies will hold your gold in their professional vaults all around the world, outside of the banks. These vaults are good in case our government confiscates gold again. It is possible banks wont let you into your safety deposit box during a crisis. Maybe you live in an apartment with few hiding spots, and you don’t want your gold to be stolen. Either way, with a professional vault service you also have the option to buy and sell your physical gold instantly, anytime, at your convenience. Lastly, you should transfer your retirement plan into physical gold. If the markets crash, or the dollar loses a lot of value, you will be protected by real physical gold. It is perfectly legal and easy to invest all of your retirement into real gold, like 1 oz US Eagles!

Buy Paper Gold

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Paper gold trading is vast. For the most part this is just the stock market. You can buy single companies or baskets of them. It is more risky than holding physical for a few reasons. First, there is the inherent risks of trading any stock. Gold can be going up very high, but your company might be going down for unforeseen problems. You can often leverage your cash to buy more than you otherwise could with miners. If you want to buy a gold mining stock, and have $10,000, you can margin your position to own $30,000 worth of stock. It’s a loan your brokerage gives you for a negligible fee. This is great if it’s going up, but it can only go down 30% before your whole $10,000 is sold in order to protect the brokerage from losing their money. It’s also possible for it to drop to a real low price instantly, so you will lose your $10,000 and owe money too. You need at least a $2,000 account minimum in order to margin.

Buy Digital Gold

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Binary options are rather new. You can leverage your money up to 200 times! This means you can invest $10,000 and effectively own $2,000,000 worth of gold. You can make or lose money very fast this way. $2,000,000 worth of gold @ $1000/oz and gold moves up to $1,100/oz, a 10% move – your $10,000 investment just turned into $210,000 of pure profit! As you earn money in binary options you can reinvest it. For example: if gold moves up 1% you will show a $30,000 balance – $10,000 of your initial investment, plus the $20,000 profit, which is immediately available as you earn it along the way. If you use the profits to reinvest here, after that 1% move up, you will have $6,000,000 worth of gold for the next ride up. Yes, it gets crazy fast, but extremely fun watching your account value change every second. It’s not uncommon for gold to move 1% in an instant. It’s not like stocks where your profits are tied up into a higher share price. If you reinvest your profits into more positions along the way, you could potentially make millions in no time. It does work both ways though. If you invest the $10,000 and gold moves down just 1/2%, you will lose it all, just like that. You don’t have to trade with the 200:1 though. There’s 100:1, 50:1, 5:1, etc. Sometimes you can be quite sure gold will go up because of some event, this is when you go for the 200:1 Unlike stocks, there is no minimum. You can have a lot of fun with $100…just make sure not to be reckless just because it’s such a small amount! I strongly suggest you start small and build experience. 1broker is the best service for binary options. It’s interesting because they deal in bitcoin. If you haven’t taken the plunge into bitcoin, I suggest you try it for binary trading. It is necessary for USA customers. You can buy BTC at coinbase to start. Fund your 1broker account with bitcoin and start trading! Since your account is denominated bitcoin, you don’t even pay taxes until you convert your bitcoin back into USD. Capital gains taxes are around 30%. Having an extra 30% of your profits to reinvest will add up very nicely in the long run. You have a huge edge vs traditional traders, trade safe and you will be fine. If you want to be the first on the cutting edge, you need to try binary options with bitcoin! It’s one of the only binary option platforms available to US customers, the only one I use and recommend.

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