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Rigged Gold Market!

The value of dollars is based on faith that the system works, faith that debts can be repaid. It cannot. The debt was $5,749,916,000,000 at the end of January 2009 and $11,825,322,000,000 at the end of January 2014, according to the U.S. Treasury’s Monthly Statement of the Public Debt. Today the debt is over $22 trillion! The debt is increasing exponentially. This $22 trillion can never be repaid without issuing much more money.

Why Buy Gold?

Mainstream Propaganda Suggests Gold Is Merely A ‘Store Of Value’.

Such propaganda is meant to keep people from investing in gold! As of today, gold is much more than a store of value — it’s an investment, an excellent one.

Understanding the potential of a gold investment requires an understanding of history, economics, supply / demand and much more…We’ll get to why gold makes the perfect money but first let’s explore why our current system exists all-the-while being absolutely doomed to fail.

10 Common Gold Misconceptions:

There are many gold misconceptions distributed about. The propaganda is meant to keep us from buying gold. The Federal Reserve is a private institution representing the interests of 12 US banks. The Fed’s foremost agenda is to defend their banking system. Secondarily it represents broad economic interests as mandated by US Congress. Those objectives do not always work in harmony.

Gold is the central bankers Achilles heel. Interest in gold means people are losing faith in the fiat.