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The value of dollars is based on faith that the system works, faith that debts can be repaid. It cannot. The debt was $5,749,916,000,000 at the end of January 2009 and $11,825,322,000,000 at the end of January 2014, according to the U.S. Treasury’s Monthly Statement of the Public Debt. Today the debt is over $22 trillion! The debt is increasing exponentially. This $22 trillion can never be repaid without issuing much more money. Doing so would cause hyperinflation! It won’t reverse, contrary, it will grow more. We are running trillion dollar deficits, and making ever larger interest payments. It’s just like a runaway train. There is no fixing it.

The problem is the debt-based money we use. We abandoned sound money entirely in 1971 when Nixon removed the gold redemption from dollars. This was a planned process, and steps were made leading up to this for over 100 years. It was the bankers plan all along, to control our economy, take it away from the government, the people, and issue wealth for themselves at will. The dollar is an instrument of debt. It is not money, it is debt! A dollar ‘bill’, like those you get in the mail. Or a ‘note’, like a car note. The Federal Reserve (Not federal, no ‘reserves’), isn’t part of the USA government. The Federal Reserve, whom issues and controls our money is literally a private company with share holders, some of the richest banking families in the whole world, going back 100’s of years. The US Federal Reserve holds over $4.3 trillion USD of assets. That makes this single private bank multiple times more wealthy (or if you like, technically, more indebted) than any company in the entire world. Doubt you’ll read that on the cover of Forbes anytime soon.

The Joke’s On You

We were sold out and taken by bankers long ago. It’s worked so far, we are getting relatively poorer and the are getting richer everyday. They buy up real assets as long as their fake money is accepted. Bankers own just about everything today. Almost everyone owes the bank for their car, for their house, their credit cards, everything. The credit issue isn’t getting better – it’s been getting worse! No matter how you want to spin the facts, or assume you can pay it back, the reality is they own it right now. If the credit problem is getting worse, we can safely assume they will continue to own more as time goes on. And yes, they own a lot of gold and silver too. This was their plan after all, to discretely take the gold and silver and hide it while we are distracted by everything else. They spend a lot of their fake money distracting, bashing, lying, and just keeping everyone’s attention off gold. It might sound far-fetched, and too impossible to pull this kind of wool over people eyes, but don’t be fooled. They were, and still are some of the most well organized, connected, and richest people in all of history. The money is our lifeblood, if they can control the money they control all of us. They literally dominate the world, and hold our lives in their hand. They have control over everything, media and politicians too. It was a long, slow, drawn out effort to consolidate money and power within their group of ‘elites’, and it’s been working so far.

Gold Is Their Achilles Heel, Sort Of

They hate sound, fair money. They love the rigged game where they have unlimited dollars to do with what they please. They spend billions of dollars artificially suppressing the price of gold and silver while they covertly buy up the real thing. The exchanges that determine the price are not even trading real gold. Legally, there is no real gold backing the contracts. Anyone with cash can ‘sell short’ gold on the market, and influence the price. There is an unlimited amount of gold they can sell, because remember, they are not selling real gold, just paper gold! In fact, many times more gold is owed to people ‘on paper’ than is actually available. There in lays the problem. Gold is a finite resource, but our very pricing mechanism treats it as it were infinite, like a stock share, where they can just create more if they think the price is getting too high. If they want to move the price down they simply sell fake paper gold at market, often billions of dollars in an instant – without offering any real gold for sale!

Rigged Markets: Conspiracy Fact

Our bullion exchange pricing mechanism will come crashing down when people realize there is no real gold or silver to trade on these platforms. The exchange is just a fantasy, where anyone can pretend to buy and sell using dollars, not metal. It was created by bankers to allow for price suppression without risking any real metal. The bankers print our money and buy many short positions to keep the price where they want: low. Yet, they are buying the real thing off-exchange!

The metals exchanges are exceedingly complicated, designed to keep regular investors out. How many people do you know that invest in futures markets compared to stocks? You need lots of money to even have an exchange account. They really want to be the only ones in the game, putting the price where they want without anyone else playing. If people like you and I do accumulate long positions on the Comex amounting to a few billion, bankers simply throw down a few more billion against us, pressuring the price down, and wearing us out. They have a lot more money than us, they have unlimited money…Remember, they have $4.3 trillion in assets. It’s all about who has more money to throw down on the positions they want, moving the price in their desired direction by either going short or long. Literally, everyone in the world could invest in gold on their exchange, but bankers would push the price down still. The only way to stop it is buy real gold. Buy gold until word spreads like wildfire, that there is no gold for sale at the published prices. Only then will people start to question what is going on. Only then will the scam’s thin layers deception be exposed, and reality will set in for everyone, very quickly. “Only then” is approaching rapidly, weather you buy or not.

Higher Gold Prices

A higher gold prices spells big trouble for the dollar. Gold directly competes with their dollars. Precious metals gravely threaten the legitimacy of dollars.

At some point the Comex and other exchanges will fail by default, no credibility. Reality will set in when their perverted rules will fail, as does everything corrupt, given enough time. People will demand physical metal, not paper. They won’t even want to invest on exchange, but demand real metal. When gold drys up as people become keen, the price of real physical gold will decouple from their fantasy paper markets. These perceptions will change extremely fast. I imagine a ‘rush on gold’ lasting only a few weeks, before the price is 20+ times higher than prior. It will become clear to everyone, there will be no denying it, the pricing mechanism is a fraud! The emperor has no clothes. People will panic, and question everything. Sadly, the world will be in a brief period of chaos here. They will wonder why exchanges are saying gold is worth $2000/oz, but the local dealers have no gold for sale, or it’s 20 times more expensive than the exchanges list. People will pay exorbitant premiums for physical gold while the exchanges lose all creditably. Ultimately, gold and silver cannot seek fair value until it’s traded on exchanges that limit the amount being sold proportional to the supply of physical medal actually available for sale!

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