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Mainstream Propaganda Suggests Gold Is Merely A ‘Store Of Value’.

Such propaganda is meant to keep people from investing in gold! As of today, gold is much more than a store of value — it’s an investment, an excellent one.

Understanding the potential of a gold investment requires an understanding of history, economics, supply/demand and much more…We’ll get to why gold makes the perfect money but first let’s explore why our current system exists all-the-while being absolutely doomed to fail. Absolutely doomed to fail. Funny concept for money, right?

There Is Manipulation Across Most Asset Classes, US Dollars Being Central.

Interest rates are a basic yet fundamental aspect of our managed monetary system. Short-term interest rates are set by central bankers! It’s manipulation. There are no ‘free-markets’ at the root of our monetary system. The central banks uses trillions for buying treasury bonds at a determined rate, effective pegging the rates. It’s exactly how they set rates — overpowering any market forces with the unlimited money they may print. Such policies, they’ll have you believe, are necessary. Centrally planned money is not necessary. It wouldn’t even seem legitimate with sound money.

It should be common sense that banks have their best interests in mind. Those interests don’t particularly align with mine or yours, the peoples. Their ability to function, profit, even expand is the bank prerogative. To reject that, you need overlook all of history. No matter their initial intention, human greed crept in. Fiat money, a supply manged by individuals, fails every time. This time is not different, a mathematical certainty since inception.

Why Do We Have Fiat And A Central Bank?

Our system is the result of bankers infiltrating government over 100 years ago. Relinquishing control of money from the government to banks. The system benefits both those, with a layer of “accountability” between our money and government. It’s clear though, the bank will provide for the government as needed, as they are the host. Without the governments blessing, the central bank will not exist. Each may blame each other for problems and brush them under the rug. It adds confusion and complexity to something that should be so simple, allowing them to get away with stealing our generational wealth for themselves via inflation.

A Debt Based System

Banking is managed top-down probably more than any industry. Granted, a healthy economy is in the banks best interest as failed economy will result in the loss of their control mechanism, US dollars. That isn’t to say they can’t essentially impoverish and enslave a population. Say, a productive population accepting of a relatively low wage. We should all have an ‘easy life’ compared to times past given the progress in production methods and technology in particular. Humanity has become exponentially more efficient, therefore individuals should either work less or have more. This is not happening. Class disparity is becoming greater.

We see the need to over-print by the ever expanding debt totals. We have a debt-based system after all. Our economy can only grow by adding on exponentially more debt. Problem is, it inevitably leads to hyperinflation. Many dollars will be printed for our economy to expand. At some point, the credibility of our entire system will be questioned by all. That’s just when things begin to get interesting, when everyone is talking about it. All at once, everyone will seek to store wealth in an alternative to dollars. That’s mainly gold and silver, obviously. Within days, there will be none for sale. People will be holding and waiting for the dust to settle.

How Banks And Government Will Maintain Control

They will offer us the best and only solution. Gold money, sound money. Countries and their banks all around the world own much of the gold. They have spent decades brainwashing us that gold is nothing but a relic, with no place in today’s monetary environment. You should know better. Gold is no different than dollar bills in the most basic sense. The difference is they can print dollars for themselves, not gold. Once banks own much of the gold and silver they will have a small windows of time to implement a new set of rules, based on sound money. The whole world will agree, especially more prepared governments like Russia, China and India. There is no chance anyone left in denial will be able to effectively reject gold as money.

Why Buying Gold Today Is Important

Hyperinflation happens exceedingly quickly. The solution will be put in place with haste. If you don’t own gold during this time, you’ll be a slave working for their gold dust. Such a time is approaching startlingly quickly. No one knows a day where people are knocking down the doors of the gold and silver shops. It can happen before you can react though. Perceptions change in the blink of an eye, word travels fast. There isn’t much gold, not enough for everyone. Spread evenly, every person in the world would have about 1/2 oz of gold. Unfortunately, most, almost all, is already vaulted away, not for sale.

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