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How Inflation, Prudence, And Fundamentals Are Setting Up Gold To Soar

International Man: Governments around the world, including the United States, are printing trillions of currency units. This will continue to significantly devalue these paper currencies and create inflation.

Doug Casey recently said:

With all the money that’s been created by governments and central banks, the chances are excellent we’re going to have a gigantic bull market. Maybe the last one, since I expect the world is going back to using gold as money—at which point we’ll have a stable gold price.

Afghanistan cancels contract to US gold, copper miner

Afghanistan’s news agency Khaama Press informed this weekend that President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani cancelled the contracts held by the Turkish Afghan Mining Company TAMC and the Afghan Gold and Mineral Company AGMC, which allowed them to exploit the Badakhshan gold mine and the Balkhab copper mine in the northern Sar-e-Pul province.

Both TAMC and AGMC are JVs formed by US-based Central Asian Resources Limited, better known as CENTAR.

According to the news report, the country’s economic council, which is chaired by the president, made the decision arguing the companies have not fulfilled their contractual commitments.