Daily Archives: 05/11/2020

Australia working towards becoming top gold producer – report

Australia-focused market analyst Resources Monitor issued a short report stating that the island country is bound to overtake China in 2021 as the world’s largest gold producer.

According to Resources Monitor, Australia’s role as a cost-effective producer is giving it the advantage it needs to take the leading position.

The analyst backs such an assessment by looking at the margins that most gold-mining companies have been making for the past 18 months.

Simple Math says $50,000 to $87,500 Gold Price: Jim Sinclair

On gold, Sinclair says the ultimate price is an easy-to-calculate math problem. How much gold does America have compared to how much debt it has? So, how high could gold ultimately go? Sinclair says, “It’s simple math. You take the amount of gold the U.S. says it has, and then you take the debt it has, and what price would you need for the debt to balance to zero?