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Gold, platinum used in new material to generate hydrogen from salt, polluted water

Researchers from the Czech Republic and Russia have developed a new material that uses gold, platinum and chromium to generate hydrogen molecules from fresh, salt, and polluted water by exposure to infrared sunlight.

The objective behind this development is that the solution becomes another green tool to help tackle the global energy challenge.

In a paper published in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, the scientists explain that the material is a three-layer structure with a 1-micrometre thickness.

Gold, vanadium, europium reveal existence of mysterious particle

An international group of researchers published a study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences where they present evidence of the existence of Majorana fermions -particles that are theorized to also be their own antiparticle- on the surface of a gold object.

According to the scientists, this is a major step toward isolating the particles as stable, error-proof quantum bits or qubits for quantum computing.

In 1937, Italian theoretical physicist Ettore Majorana predicted that among fermions, there should be some particles that are indistinguishable from their antiparticles.

Mexican Gold owns world’s best drill intersection of 2020

Mexican Gold’s (TSXV: MEX) Queensway gold project in Canada’s Newfoundland province reported the most significant drill intersections of 2020 to date, according to intelligence company Opaxe, based on companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Opaxe compiles the best drill intersections around the world and then ranks them based on gold equivalent grams per tonne using ruling metal and mineral prices.

The 92.86 g/t grade over 19 meters boosted MEX shares 25% higher on the TSX Venture Exchange the day after the announcement.

World Gold Council launches analytic tool for investors

The World Gold Council (WGC) has introduced a web-based quantitative tool that helps investors intuitively understand the drivers of gold performance.

The new platform, called Qaurum, will allow investors to assess how gold may react across different economic environments in three steps.

First, select a hypothetical macroeconomic scenario provided by Oxford Economics, a leader in global forecasting and quantitative analysis, or customize your own, then, generate forecasts of gold demand and supply and view the impact of key macro drivers.

Global Snapshot: Gold and silver exploration projects to watch

With the rise in the price of gold over the past year, precious metals exploration has picked up steam worldwide. Below we feature eight companies across the exploration, development and production spectrum that maintain a focus on discovery.

Compass Gold

Compass Gold (TSXV: CVB; US-OTC: COGDF) is focused on the Farabakoura gold discovery in southern Mali. The company wholly owns the 850-sq.-km Sikasso project consisting of nine permits within the Birimian gold belt.

Doing due diligence: What to know before investing in a mining junior

For the past several years one of the biggest challenges facing junior mining companies has been raising initial capital. Investors are wary, and are doing due diligence before injecting funds into projects spearheaded by junior explorers that are going after mineral deposits disregarded by the majors, who typically invest in PEA-evaluated, high-grade projects with
a nearly guaranteed rate of return.

But junior explorers going into uncharted territory are on the map – and making a mark, especially in the gold and copper sectors.

Newmont officially opens all-electric Borden mine

The new all-electric Borden gold mine 9 km from Chapleau is officially open, following a ceremony attended by Denver-based Newmont Goldcorp officials and dignitaries from across the province. The company proudly says the mine features state-of-the-art health and safety controls, digital mining technologies and processes, and an all-electric underground fleet.

Dignitaries attending the launch were Ontario’s Minister of Energy, Mines, N Northern Development and Indigenous affairs Greg Rickford; Chief of the Chapleau Cree First Nation Keeter Corston; Chief of the Chapleau Ojibwe First Nation Anita Stephens; Chief of the Brunswick House First Nation Cheryl St.