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Gold & Silver: The Master Plan – Mike Maloney

“I see that there could be an even greater panic into gold and silver this time around than last time – the world is in a lot more trouble today than it was in 1979”.Join Mike Maloney for today’s update on the metals markets, including new analysis of the Gold/Silver ratio and how to construct your own investing plan for precious metals.

US Mint sets limits on gold, silver coins sales

The US Mint has reduced the supply of gold and silver coins to third-party distributors as the relentless coronavirus pandemic slows down production even of regular change.

The Mint’s New York-based facility is evaluating risks to employees to curb the spread of the virus, thereby slowing production for the next 12 to 18 months, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, citing internal documents.

The nation’s coin maker, which is in charge of producing new money to replenish supply, warned last week that covid-19 had resulted in fewer pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters in circulation.

The Secret to Understanding Gold’s True Value

There’s one question Mike Maloney and I have been asked more than any other. It’s a favorite question of interviewers, journalists, and podcasters. It’s a fun topic to discuss, and hints at the excitement that could be ahead for gold and silver.But the nature of the question can be misleading. It draws the focus away from the true value gold can offer.The question is this: How high do you think gold and silver prices will go?

Spot Gold Soars To Record High As Dollar Freefall Accelerates

Spot Gold is surging in Asian trading as the dollar is dumped.

Source: Bloomberg

Spot Gold traded above $1930, taking out the $1921 highs from 2011…

Source: Bloomberg

The dollar has crashed to 19 month lows…

Source: Bloomberg

Gold appears to be more and more in favor as an alternative place to allocate wealth amid the growing pile of negative-yielding debt (and note that cryptos are starting to get a bid for the same reason)…

Source: Bloomberg

As Jim Grant recently explained:

The Fed wants us to believe that we should believe that there will be no inflation out of all this and to me that is a vast unknown.

Gold, platinum used in new material to generate hydrogen from salt, polluted water

Researchers from the Czech Republic and Russia have developed a new material that uses gold, platinum and chromium to generate hydrogen molecules from fresh, salt, and polluted water by exposure to infrared sunlight.

The objective behind this development is that the solution becomes another green tool to help tackle the global energy challenge.

In a paper published in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, the scientists explain that the material is a three-layer structure with a 1-micrometre thickness.